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Friday, 21 January 2011

Future Female Dominated society

Some of this could well come true the way its going


  1. not to insult you but allot of men get off on this stuff so it isn't really scary & the hard core femdom isn't any where near as evil as the cruel as the maledome stuff i have seen i do believe women should be in charge but i don't believe that women can live with out men if you look at science & discoveries found by both men & women there is all ways something that binds women & men to need each other like example did you know that having sex with a dildo isn't healthy but having sex with a man that lasts long can actually give you 1000x more satisfaction & even take away your feeling of pain look it up if you don't believe me

    1. A lot of Women do live without men. They are known as Lesbians and they seem to be increasing in number and percentage of the Female population. This is not too surprising as Women gain more independence and power more of them discover that they really don't need men for very much. In time science will even eliminate the need for males for reproduction. Lesbian couples will be able to combine their DNA artificially to produce all Female offspring.
      Undoubtedly some Women will still prefer to have men around but only in a subordinate roll as servants and sex toys. Frankly I think that would be a much better world than the one we have now.

    2. I for one welcome this New World Order run by women.