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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sexist ads from yesteryear/ and some thoughts from me


 Lol check these adverts and the vids at the bottom, we sure have moved on a lot from that era. The way things are going in the west, the shoe or should that be the boot or steel toe tap (in the spirit of the theme of this here site) will be on the other foot for both sexes.

 All ready for the last 15 or more years, men are being shown in tv sitcoms and from what i have seen mainly american ones, though here in the uk there are some to. as being rather silly and under the stern wifes thumb. Many sitcoms have go getting women who rule the home and have good jobs, married to a guy who is both scared of her, and also a bit of fool.

  I dont know if its right or wrong to show them like that, in many way there are good men out there earning money for the family and trying to get by. I myself work long shifts, and am a intelligent guy with many varied interests in life. BUT in terms of the future, we will see more and more men like me, with fair to decent levels of education, but who offer other things to a woman, like being able to build a fence for exmaple, fix something broken in the home etc.

I believe women will get even further ahead in education to such extreme levels, that the truth will finally be let out, and ways to make it fairer for boys to build them up, and even stopping better female candidates from getting a college or university place but give it to a male just because they want to boost male numbers will fade away and be stopped.

 Then there will be a change in the ways things are done, males will be able of course to achieve higher education if they want and there will always be clever guys doing that, but the numbers are becoming less and less over time, boys cant take female competition they dont like being beat by girls and therefore now on a level playing field many have bailed out then get beat badly.

 Many males will be moved into areas and skills that will help them in life, be it homemaking, learning to run a household while the wfie is away in her high powered job. Stuff like that will be common place when women dominate society, as they will want to find a female with a good job and with power. Looking good and having skills to appeal to women will be for many young men the way to go about life in the coming decades.

 Many younger guys will be keen to hook up with older mature women who are high up in there jobs, young men/older women will be one of the most common things we will see, its all ready happening now. In the older days older powerful men had young good looking women hanging about them, they knew there place and what was expected of them, be a good girl and make the older man look good and you will get to live a very good well off lifestyle. This will be the same in the future, young men will flood into the gyms like now, but all to try and impress women, and in the main older women as they will be the new power in society

Friday, 29 March 2013

Its starting - Boys 'should have lesson on childcare and housework'Association

Wonderful to read women really starting to voice there opinion on stuff that just has to be said. She even says it fair and mentions equality a lot here, when for the most part it will soon be the men doing ALL the housework while the women are out working and earning the money in a role reversal of what it was like in the 1950s etc


Its great to see women such as this who is a executive director of a girls school association, who looks after 180 girls schools say this, she is media friendly here, but in short she is saying boys need to wake up and see the way things are going, and that the young girls in those 180 schools, are sure as hell not going to have a guy dossing of them and expecting the women to do all the housework like in the past and even now.

 The girls of tomorrow in those schools, are rapidly taking over in education and then the job market, they are buying more new cars and homes then boys, and are begining to be catered to by companys wanting to sell there products. Where once the male controlled the buying in the family and the purse strings, now its more and more the woman, while the man just gets on with trying to please there women.

 She says it will prepare them so they dont face a big shock, when wow shock horror the woman is not about to do the housework and take the little ones to school, because she is out all day at work. I believe also she is trying to prepare the poor lads ego when the woman says get stuffed lol, start the boys young in the new ways of the world and they will be far better off later on.

Monday, 25 March 2013

An American role-reversal: Women the new breadwinners


 Its coming faster then most could have ever imagined, nothing will stop it and as men fall out of  education faster then ever and women flood in, i predict it will gain speed faster. Once women are in they will for the most part recruit there own sex for the jobs, as men have done in the past...and considering women all ready dominate the recruitment sector then nothing will get in there way

Saturday, 23 March 2013

When more then talking is needed

 Sometimes the point of a fuck up has to be shown by more then angry words, sometimes the male has to be shown there is always going to be a consequence to his mistakes and that he needs to do better, after all its best all round to please the female.............as one can see from the poor lad in the picture what occurs if that fails

Female Sexuality

No man can stand against it, and with there new and coming power that males once had the signs are there that it is no longer a mans world

Nothing unusual at all

............Just another older male getting his marching orders, nothing to see here as its now so common. The female boss is sharp and quick and very professional about it all, she treats it like another part of the day and has no real sorrow for the man. In fact one hour later she has forgotten all about him as she goes to her meeting with a very powerful female politician


The modern business women has learned she is now the ones calling the shots on huge multi million if not billion pound deals, she has to also combine that and deal with male underlings both at work and at home, as per norm they take it in there stride, the ability to multi task means its never a problem for them at all