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Friday, 21 January 2011

Female future

We are entering the Age of the Female, when women will dominate at all levels of
society, be the main breadwinners, dominate in political life, and be recognised
as undisputed Head of the Household, and all for the better, I would say


  1. Me too, Women are better equipped intellectually, biologically and mentally to control, own and run everything.
    Women will inherit the earth and there will be no place for lazy, useless men and women will 'deal' with them accordingly.

  2. I agree. Women should run everything, and be in control. Men are best at being servants to them, following their commands. I am a young man and whenever I see a woman I am reminded of how I am inferior to her, and how men are meant to serve women. Men exist only for the purpose of women, and women must have their way! I submit to you women.